Blue Chip Stock Investing

Check Capital Management has been helping private investors with blue chip stock investing for over 20 years.  Our strategy is simple.  We start by identifying companies with the best long-term histories.  These companies have generated stable, high returns on capital for an extended period of time.  Such success often leads to a profitable future.  We buy stocks of these companies when they appear undervalued.  We think long-term.  In other words, we try to get the best at a great price.  This, in a nutshell, is our approach to blue chip stock investing.

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Steven Check founded Check Capital Management in 1987.  Mr. Check is also editor of the nationally recognized newsletter, The Blue Chip Investor, which focuses solely on blue chip stock investing.

Widely respected by newsletter rating organizations, The Blue Chip Investor offers timely commentary and educational content.  The letter is also used to communicate to Check Capital clients, helping them stay abreast of important market observations, valuable blue chip stock investing discussion, recent trades, earnings reports, price/earnings ratios, buy recommendations, CCM's proprietary Blue Chip Value Index and other information relevant to blue chip stock investing.