Financial Management Orange County

CCM is a top-ranking firm for financial management in Orange County.  CCM's money managers utilize a highly effective strategy that combines the strengths of both "growth" and "value" investment styles.  The result is "growth-value investment," an investment approach which concentrates on the stocks of only the leaders in a particular industry with stable long-term earnings growth, high return on equity, and strong cash flow, among other success-predicting criteria—and here's the important part—but whose stock is trading at a price significantly lower than its intrinsic worth.  Stocks are later sold when they become overvalued or the companies' long-term growth prospects decrease.

Identifying these leading companies and determining their intrinsic worth is our specialty.  With over two decades of experience under our money belts, we confidently take on this responsibility for our clients.

There are many obvious advantages to hiring a leading retirement investment firm who has been successfully handling financial management and long term investment growth in Orange County since 1987.  Peace of mind is just one.

You will also be happy to know that we do not charge a minimum fee.  And for qualified investors we offer our "10%-of-profits" payment program, meaning we only earn money when we earn you money.  What better way to motivate your Orange County investment manager to generate returns on your behalf?

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