Long Term Investing

Successful long-term investing is dependent upon sound philosophy implemented with the most consistent discipline, yet few money managers grasp this concept.  Check Capital Management lives by it.

Our methodology is based upon the logical observation that corporations with exceptional management, consistent growth, and a culture of creative innovation outperform other companies their size.  Check Capital assesses these companies and their current and predicted value.  Things we look at include to what extent the company has avoided debt, how high are their profit margins and are they on the rise, has the company been public for over a decade and will they stand the test of time, what are the company's competitive advantages and what makes their products stand apart, and so on.  Like Warren Buffet, who uses a similar methodology, we purchase the stocks of the most extraordinary firms, and only when they're significantly under-priced and under valued by the market.  Our singular approach is to invest in superior blue chip value stocks at bargain prices.

Check Capital Management, Orange County long term investment specialists since 1987.  Call us today at 1-800-710-5777.  Or complete our quick online form for an informative reply from an expert in long term investing.