Orange County Asset Manager

Check Capital Management is a well-respected Orange County asset manager, successful in business since 1987.  We manage our clients' portfolios with over two decades of experience and expertise under our belts, and with long-term growth as our goal.  A private Orange County money manager, we specialize in long-term investment management for individual investors, offering top quality advisory services, ongoing communications, and resources.

When choosing your Orange County asset manager, you will want to locate a firm that employs a clear, logical investment strategy, one that they can explain in clear, plain terms, one where profits are earned with an acceptable level of risk, and where they can illustrate results.  The investment manager you choose should share their investment philosophy with you.  And, perhaps most importantly, you want your Orange County asset manager to employ a strategy you would use if you had the time, interest, and expertise to manage your portfolio on your own.  Remember, a like-minded philosophy will permit you to stick with your investment strategy through difficult markets, something that is necessary in order to enjoy the rewards of long-term investing.  Finally, we recommend you choose an Orange County asset manager who invests in companies at the forefront of their industry.  Because winners in the marketplace make for winners in the stock market.

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