Orange County Investment Manager

A good Orange County investment manager will tell you not to be swayed by temporary dips and upswings.  Our strategy:  "Superior blue chips at bargain prices".  At Check Capital Management, we invest in companies that perform for the long haul, regardless of the economy.  This is our goal for you and your investment portfolio—long term stability and growing wealth.  When it comes to investing, it's true that patience is a virtue.

You'll be happy to know we charge no minimum fee.  And for qualified investors, our "10%-of-profits" fee means we only make money when you do.  There are many obvious advantages to hiring your Orange County investment manager under this arrangement.  What better way to motivate your Orange County investment manager to help you generate great returns?

We are the Orange County investment manager who is committed to keeping you familiar with our investment philosophy.  Our philosophy is based upon the sound observation that corporations with exceptional leadership and consistent growth, despite their often enormous size, far outperform less innovative competitors who may share their size but not their overall effectiveness.  To discuss opening an account with Check Capital Management, the Orange County investment advisor, please complete our basic information request.  An informative and friendly financial expert will promptly contact you.