Orange County Money Manager

Since 1987, Check Capital Management has been a top-rated Orange County money manager.  Why so?  Because we care and because we're smart.  We invite those of you looking for a long term Orange County money manager to scrutinize our track record.  Over two decades serving investors like yourself have taught us how to move our clients' accounts to new highs. We believe in information and in keeping our clients informed.  That's why we tell clients up front that our recent history does show two down years, but given sufficient time these down years will be overcome as well.  That's how the stock market works.  There are ups and there are downs, but overall, you come out ahead.  In the long run, your returns are sizeable, and the longer you're in it, the more you earn long-term.

When CCM is your Orange County money manager, you stay educated, informed, and in regular communication.  You will have investment and holdings information at your fingertips and at your disposal.  Our strategies are tried and true, just like our highly-skilled staff, who implement them.  We're careful to buy stocks at relatively low P/E ratios, increasing our chances of superior growth while minimizing risk.  We're focused on buying stocks in the strongest long-term growth companies, and investing time in determining which industry leaders have the likelihood of remaining at the top.

As a top-rated Orange County investment manager, we keep you on top of your investments and your portfolio.