Quality Growth Program

The Quality Growth Program has been Check Capital Management's flagship equity strategy since our founding in 1987.  From the beginning, we have focused on buying stocks in long-term growth companies.  These blue-chip firms are typically industry leaders.

We maintain a database of stocks to review.  Using quantitative and qualitative tools, we narrow the universe of potential purchases to about 125 companies.

Companies in Quality Growth Program portfolios generally meet the following standards:

  • Well-established and producing over $200 million of profits annually
  • Ranked A+, A, A- or B+ by Standard & Poor's, indicating high earnings stability over the prior decade
  • Above-average earnings growth, usually exceeding 10% annualized over the last 15 years

Once such companies are identified, care must be taken to avoid overpaying for them.  CCM determines a business value of each company, then waits until its stock can be purchased at what we believe to be a discount.

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