Retirement Investment Firm

Trusted since 1987, Check Capital Management is the retirement investment firm that specializes in "growth-value" long-term investing.  We help people planning for retirement to achieve and enjoy financial security.  When you're ready, choosing your retirement investment firm wisely is one of the first steps to achieving financial security.

CCM is the retirement investment firm that firmly believes it's important to communicate openly with you, our client, about your investment philosophy, so you understand our methodology and the market, and are able to set realistic goals and expectations.

Our Investment Philosophy:  CCM's money managers utilize a strategy that combines the strong points of both "growth" and "value" investment styles.  The result is an investment approach which targets stocks of companies who are leaders in their industry or niche and possess stable earnings and long term growth potential, including high return on equity, and strong cash flow, among other wealth-building criteria, and whose stock is trading at a price that is significantly lower than it's worth.  Determining these companies and their intrinsic worth is what we believe is one of our main responsibilities as a leading retirement investment firm concerned with long-term growth for our clients.

CCM, Orange County retirement and long term investment specialists since 1987.  Call us today at 1-800-710-5777.  Or complete our online form for a prompt informative reply from an expert in long term investing and retirement planning.