Stock And Bond Management

Seeking stock and bond management?  Trusted since 1987, Check Capital Management specializes in stock and bond management and long term money management.

We customize both stock and bond purchases for our clients.  And customize portfolios to meet your individual future, such as funding a child's college education for example, and whether taxable or tax-free bonds should be purchased.

Stock and bond management:  Check Capital's Bond Program compliments our stock equity programs.  While stock has been known to perform better overall in recent years, for many investors, especially retired individuals, the stability and dependable cash flow from bonds are also very important.

Our focus with stock and bond management is long-term investment and financial management.  It's not really an either/or.  Ideally, you want to invest in both stocks and bonds.  We believe that quality tax-free bonds (never junk bonds) should be low-risk investments, and help add additional stability to a well-diversified portfolio.  Since we actively research companies for our equity programs, we have long-term familiarity with companies' financial statements, which we feel gives us an information advantage when it comes to making investment decisions for corporate or taxable bonds as well.

Check Capital Management, Orange County financial planners since 1987.  Call us today at 1-800-710-5777.  Or complete our quick online form for a quick informative reply from an expert in long term money management, and stock and bond management.